Our Update Process

As we continue to develop DragonSoul, we build new versions of the App. Once a new version has completed the development process, we have to submit it to Apple, Google Play and Amazon separately. We try our best to coordinate the release between all platforms, however, after we release the update, it's up your app store to push the update to your client.

During update day, the server is generally only down for minimal time, however, when we are releasing the clients to the app store it can take time for the store to update. To help your app store out, please make sure to clear your store cache to ensure that your store is up to date. (Android Only)

To ensure that the majority of our players have the new version installed we wait until the app is available on both the Apple and Google Play store. Unfortunately, Amazon's update process forces us to release the client an hour later, so there will be a minor delay for Amazon store users, we apologize for this inconvenience.

If you have downloaded/installed the new version before the server is available to be played on, you will receive a connection error.  This is normal, please be patience while the update process completes. Once the server is updated you will be able to log into the server from your DragonSoul application.

Please note, on update days we will inform players when the update process has started on Discourse. Thank you for your patience!


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